Price List ~ please find a comprehensive list of products that I make however I readily make custom orders so please do not hesitate to contact me with your requirements.



 6x 4inch photo frames inlayed with mosaic tiles (Customisable Order)£15.00
Our Little Soldier Nursery Picture (Customisable Order)£25.00
Our Little Princess Nursery Picture (Customisable Order)£25.00
Our Little Prince Nursery Picture (Customisable Order)£25.00
30cm Cosmos Mirror (various colours)£35,00
30cm Bamboo bowl with mosaic tiles and millifiori£55.00
30cm Bamboo bowl with Aqua mosaic tiles and stained glass£55.00
Wedding Memento with callalillies, feathers and ribbons (customisable order)£25.00
Crystal and Pearl drop earrings with sterling silver findings£5.99
Antique Silver pendant with bird cameo ( various colous)£4.99
Handmade silver Setting around amethyst with 16" chain£16.99
Handmade sterling silver bracelet of blue vintage flowers in silver bezels with flower spacers£19.95
Handmade sterling silver earrings with blue vintage flowers and silver filligree balls£8.99
Handmade sterling silver vintage flower earring and bracelet set£25.00
Four Handmade coasters of varoius colours£8.00
Handmade silver plated pendant with purple millifiori and glass pebbles£10.00
Hand painted ceramic and glass pebble mosaic fish money box£8.99
8 x 8 collage of flowers with handmade cut paper butterflies and crystals£25.00
 Handmade stuffed elephant wearing dungaress (suitable for children and babies) - Small £10.00
 Handmade stuffed elephant wearing dungaress (suitable for children and babies) - Large £15.00
 Mobile Phone case - Small (suitable for iphone 6 or small andriod phones) £5.99
 Mobile Phone Case - Large (suitable for iphone plus sizes or plus size andriod phones) £8.99
 Mounted handcut papercutting of butterfly in blue with yellow insert£15.00
 Mounted handcut papercutting of pixes in green£15.00
 Mounted handcut papercutting of two fairies in pink£15.00
 Handbag Gift Bags £4.00
 Handmade baubles for special occasions with hanging stand (custom order)






I can make custom orders so please do not hesitate to contact me on the contact me tab to discuss your requirements.


Cards made to order


from £2.50 upwards depending on requirements


I make cards for all special occasions and gift bags, personalised to the individuals tastes so please contact me. Please look in my gallery for the type of work that I do.
I also print basic stationary and wedding invitations so please contact me to discuss your needs, as well as wedding favours.